Weight loss journey: from 92kg to 85kg in 48 days

Weight loss journey

I have always been a chubby guy and unhealthy eating has been a issue with me that reflected in my body. I fall into the category of endomorph and to top it off my bad eating habits resulted in accumulation of fat and weight gain. Having a bulky body has it’s pros and cons. Pros, khate peete ghar ka baccha hai is the most common proverb. Cons, ask for XXL T Shirts while shopping. People would call me, Mote etc. I clearly remember someone in school called me Gainda (Rhinoceros) haha. All these things didnt matter to me, I mean who cares as long as I am getting delicious food and clothes to fit into. Time went on and I moved to my hometown (Gorakhpur). New city, no friends (my bad till date I haven’t socialized much apart from my relatives) and that’s when I purchased my dream motorcycle, Yamaha FZ and journey to explore myself started (that’s a different story altogether). A friend of mine had this motorcycle back in Shillong and the moment I saw it was love at first sight.

Fast forward, ever since I returned after completing my solo ride covering 5500 kms (more on that in upcoming blog posts). One day I went to meet a friend to discuss average wedding cost and stuff that one need to take care off. As I was making a point someone made a comment that are you still single? I replied, yes. He responded back that aap ko dekh kee lagta nahi hai, main to socha ki app do bacho kee baap hoon (I thought you are a father of two kids). I didn’t said anything but the way he taunted my physique deep inside did made an impact.

10th April I weighed myself it was 92kg and decided to gift a decent body on 19th July (my birthdate). I was quite sure it might not be a healthy drastic change in that timeframe but it would help me to embark on a healthy lifestyle. On the other side I was kind of regular in gym but again unhealthy eating habit was a big roadblock. First and foremost my main objective was to eat healthy food while on a calorie deficit diet and be regular in gym. And that did the trick, environment inside gym did helped me to boost the confidence. More importantly for an hour so I was spending time with myself. Today (27th May) I checked the weight and it’s 85kg.

I keep on making changes in my diet as it can get quite monotonous. It’s been quite sometime I am not consuming Fish and Chicken altogether as every time I ate, felt like I’m going to vomit. That’s why have stopped eating Fish and Chicken for sometime. So as of today my food intake and workout looks somethings like this:


Mixture of 8 almonds, 5 wallnuts, 5 cashew coupled with 3-4 tablespoon Oats and 1 tablespoon honey.
 Bowl of salad, 1 chapati, egg bhurji (4 white eggs and one whole egg), 1 bowl lentil.
 Evening snack
 Bowl of yogurt and 1 tablespoon honey.
 Pre Workout
 1 cup green tea. Timing might be quite weared but recently I made this change and it’s kind of working for me while lifting.
 2 tablespoon sattu, 2 lemons, 1 table spoon flaxseed powder.
 Egg bhurji (4-5 white egg, 1 whole egg) and a bowl of salad.
 Before winding up
 6-7 almonds, 3 walnuts, 3 cashew.


Recently after waking up I have started practicing Suryanamaskar (have progressed to 12 complete rounds) and 2-3 mins of Kapalbhati everyday. While in gym I lift 5 days a week. Usually I prefer to work on large muscle groups(Back and Legs) start of the weekdays.

 Body Part
Back and bicep
Back: Assisted pull up, cable row, lats pulldown, barbell row, single arm dumbbell row, barbell Deadlift.
Bicep: Barbell curl, preacher curl.
Leg extension, hack squat, front squat, leg curl, stiff deadlift, standing calf raise
Chest and abs
Chest: Incline press, bench press, dumbbell flys, bar dips.
Tricep: Rope pull down, dumbbell kickback.
Shoulder and tricep
Shoulder: Dumbbell or barbell shoulder press, lateral raises, shrugs
Abs: 2-3 mins of plank.
Only compound movements
Leg extension, back squat, deadlift.

So, yeah that’s a short summary as to how a comment made me think and improve my lifestyle. I feel leaner and more confident. To that man, thanks a lot buddy.

Journey has just started.

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