2016 personal goals

Most of my friends knows that when it comes to planning and setting up goals, I am a complete disaster. My friends and family specially my father keep on pinching that I should have goals for short, medium and long term and at the same time craft a proper roadmap to achieve those goals. It’s not that I haven’t tried. Let’s take an example, suppose one fine day my father gives me a lecture on the same topic and boy those words used to pump me up. Next day I would jot down tasks I am expected to complete. For 1 week i would rigorously follow the routine but on 8th day I am like for how many days you can tie a bull and I would be back to my normal routine. And that continued for quite some time.

But since second quarter of 2015 I started to travel and in between came across really interesting and smart peoples doing amazing work in their respective fields. While chatting with them I came to know about their style of working and approach to solve any given problem set. It sort of gave a new perspective and broaden my thinking.

So what I want to do in 2016 is still work in progress. But I am quite clear on few things and I would like to share it with you guys:

  1. File my Income Tax Returns. Probably it would be one of the happiest moments.
  2. Try to be patient.
  3. Complete construction of 1st and second floor of my house.
  4. Equip myself with new skills.
  5. Travel and explore mother India.
  6. Marriage proposals are coming 🙁 .  And i am like who will marry me? Though have managed to convince my parents to give me more time.
  7. If possible move out from my comfort zone and for some time i would like to experience life in metro city.
  8.  Attend more community organized events. For now i think WordCamp Mumbai is definitely on my calendar.
  9. I am very much interested to experience the work culture inside media company probably involved in covering Indian startup ecosystem . If you have any leads, please share with me. 🙂
  10. Improve my writing skills and blog more on topics that interests me.

I will keep on updating above list. Let’s see how it all goes. Chears 🙂

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