Just another closing post of 2015

Usually i don’t review my past but today i thought that may be its a good time start some thing new starting with just a rough analysis of  year 2015 as to how it all went. In that regards following are some of my takeaways from 2015:

  1. That proud moment when i exercised my right to vote in Uttar Pradesh gram panchayat elections. It would be difficult to summarize my feelings in words as to how i felt. Though only thing i can say is that it was the happiest moment of 2015. Yes, due to unavoidable circumstance I was unable to cast my vote in 2014 general election.Panchayat Elections
  2. Left the company i worked for over 3 years since its early days. I was at a juncture to choose between my family responsibilities and the company that i loved working for. In the end decided to take different path and left NE Techno.
  3. Shifted from Shillong to Gorakhpur my home town and to our new house.
  4. Joined Themeco as support analyst, the company behind X Theme.
  5. Made new professional connections, friends.
  6. Somehow i have been incredibly fortunate to have great mentors. It all started with NE Techno and a FOSS workshop held at St Anthonys College Shillong. My boss (Ravi Sharma) and colleagues at NE Techno helped to shape my career and FOSS workshop at St Anthonys College gave a complete new direction. Blessed to have Atul as friend, mentor and brother.
  7. And how can i forget my first flight trip from Delhi to Pune. 2015 will for sure go down in my memory as the scariest year also. God knows how i survived. Flight Journey
  8. Ended 4 year long wait, got my new bike, the Yamaha FZ.Yamaha FZ
  9. Chance to experience high speed internet @ Bengaluru. Thanks Atul bhaiya. 🙂

As i look back, i feel that 2015 was full of excitement. On one hand i got a change to visit new places, attended community organized events like WordCamp, got a chance to intract new people. But on the other hand made few mistakes also. All in all 2015 gave me a chance to explore myself.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2016. God bless 🙂

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