Life amid Corona virus scare

Every time our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addresses the nation at 8 pm, the spontaneous reaction is “What is going to happen now” or “अब क्या होने वाला है”. And that’s exactly what happened. Recently, Prime Minister announced 21 days lockdown throughout the country.

The lockdown was going on for quite some time with some minor relaxations. However, with the PM’s announcement things are getting interesting. And, now that I can’t venture outside on my motorcycle, I have ample time to work on things that I kept postponing. Such as, updating by the blog and doing activities that interest me.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been working full time as a remote employee. Working remotely can be rewarding and extremely challenging at the same time. I’ve been fortunate to work alongside talented and helpful colleagues. Over the years, while integrating I learned quite a bit on how to structure and strike a balance between work and personal life while working remotely. On this topic, I’ll discuss more in an upcoming blog post.

Due to the nature of my work and lockdown, I recently started practicing time blocking in the calendar. Wherein I allocate time blocks to specific tasks. As a result, I’m able to do more in the same time frame.

Now, coming back to the topic. How’s my life? Well, so far personally it’s hasn’t affected much other then there’s restricted movement. Most of the time I’m practicing yoga, doing office related work, helping my mother in cooking and currently reading — The Rise and Fall of the Aam Aadmi Party.

Will keep updating this place, as the days pass during the lockdown.

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