• Camping at Gumbo Ranjan

    Ever since I returned back from my Laddakh ride, I was thinking of pinning down my experience of camping at Gumbo Ranjan which happens to be a sacred mountain in Kargyak Valley. It’s 25th July 2022, 4 in the morning and I’m yet to catch up on sleep. I thought to finally reflect on how […]

  • Every time our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addresses the nation at 8 pm, the spontaneous reaction is “What is going to happen now” or “अब क्या होने वाला है”. And that’s exactly what happened. Recently, Prime Minister announced 21 days lockdown throughout the country. The lockdown was going on for quite some time with […]

  • Zeroing on Bajaj Dominar

    I was looking to upgrade the motorcycle for quite some time. However, for some reason or the other, the plan kept on postponing. After returning from the Spiti valley ride, I started to do some background research on the motorcycle to get. It was quite important before informing the family members about the plan to […]

  • Why I upgraded from Yamaha FZ to Bajaj Dominar?

    The process of upgrading from the tools that you have to something better has always been exhilarating for me. It’s a cycle that involves researching the available options, price points, features, and right up to convincing the family members is an experience in itself. And, if the end product matches up to the expectations, boom, […]

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