Why I upgraded from Yamaha FZ to Bajaj Dominar?

The process of upgrading from the tools that you have to something better has always been exhilarating for me. It’s a cycle that involves researching the available options, price points, features, and right up to convincing the family members is an experience in itself. And, if the end product matches up to the expectations, boom, it’s a chakalaka moment.

Soon, I’ll be turning 30. Ever since I got bitten by the bug of motorcycling and traveling, there had been few instances that made me thinking about upgrading from Yamaha FZ 150cc. Now, one should not get it wrong. Yamaha FZ 150 is a fantastic motorcycle. If there was a motorcycle that I always wanted to buy, it was FZ 150. Back then I didn’t know how to ride motorcycles when I purchased FZ. I learned to ride after I got the bike. FZ helped me to explore different parts of our country, collect memories on numerous short and long-distance tours. It has a special place in my life, which is why FZ is still with me and in perfect condition. However, there’s always the anxiousness of, what’s next?

First, I was on my way to explore the Spiti valley along with a riding buddy whom I meet in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. He is a proud owner of a Royal Enfield 350cc motorcycle. The motorcycle is known for its thump, classic retro look, all-metal body, and pulling capacity AKA torque. We planned to take the Eastern Peripheral Expressway. Our destination for the day was Kufri, Himachal Pradesh wherein we were supposed to join our group members. We set out and soon we were on the Expressway. I was mesmerized by the Expressway. If the motorcycle and riders skill permits, one can easily maintain a speed of 120-130 kms without any issues. My riding buddy was maintaining the speed of a 500cc motorcycle. I was having a hard time catching up with him. I think he realized that I was having issues, and we rode maintaining a fairly decent speed. However, it’s was probably the first time that thought of upgrading the motorcycle struck to mind.

Second, on the same trip, unfortunately, I can’t exactly recall the location we were in. However, there was a steep mountain pass that we had to cross. And, for the first time during the entire trip I was a bit doubtful whether I would be able to cross the pass. My bad, if ever that sort of thought comes to mind, half the battle is lost. And that’s what exactly happened. Midway, the bike was losing power and was unable to pull itself. I then started to cross the pass in a zig-zag form and somehow, managed to sail through.

So, the prime reason for upgrading was that I should be able to maintain speed and bike should have decent torque.

And, that’s when the real journey started to look for a new motorcycle. Stay tuned. πŸ™‚

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